Work Has Begun

Yesterday, I saw a tree trimming service in my neighborhood.  Workers were cutting down some of the undergrowth in the forest and hauling the branches away.  There are still neon orange dots on a number of trees – I wonder when they are going down.  How can so much work be conducted on a property prior to an assessment of the environmental impact?  If you destroy the functionality of the forest prior to the study, I guess you can get the answer you want.

Today, we found surveyors in our parking lot – standing in our private parking places.  They were not exactly thrilled with me taking pictures of them.

The last I checked, private property is still private in this country.  Where was the notification?  We checked with our property manager.  No one bothered to call him.  No one notified us.

And why would the feasibility study require a survey of our private property and our complex’s privately-held roads?  No one who lives here wants to see the traffic for this project funneled through our community.  We live on a closed court for a reason – we want our kids to be able to play outside.


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One Response to Work Has Begun

  1. Ali White says:

    all of the paint is still all over our property! blue, orange and red paint that we were told would wash away after two days of rain are still there!!
    Is anything we are told going to be true?

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