The Marks Remain …

Neighborhood children are now asking if their playground is going to be removed. These marks are on Woodlake property!

Three days ago, the property manager for our community notified the surveyors that they were trespassing and asked them to remove their marks from our private property and restore things to the way they were.  They told him that the paint was water-soluble!

I took these photographs today.  Funny, how those “water-soluble” marks are still there  …


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2 Responses to The Marks Remain …

  1. KCM says:

    The other day, quite early in the morning, I was awakened by the loud noise of a truck .. with water .. road washing equipment .. plus a man with a shoulder pack of ?water? who also was making noise! Both were attempting to wash off their blue marks on the roads .. however, must just have been with water, which did NOT work, since we already had lots of rain, which also did NOT work!

    Perhaps they need to PAINT over these marks with BLACK at the very LEAST since do NOT seem to be able to REMOVE!!! Leaving them there just UPSETS me and others to no end as it intimidates our lives worrying about this future destruction of our wonderful woods!!!

    Please let’s do something about this asap? Thanks for any help!

    Mrs. KCM

    • MRS.KCM says:

      PLEASE HELP?! Please check the WOODs for my LARGE DARK GREEN SIGN plus small white sign .. for SAVE THE TREES … which has gone MISSING since LAST NIGHT!

      I have physical health challanges so can NOT walk around looking to see WHAT HAPPENED to these .. but they were paid for out of MY Social Security Checks .. and NOT cheap .. so would appreciate HELP to locate them .. so can RESET them on grounds!

      Thanks for ANY and ALL help! Don’t understand WHAT happened to them since they have weathered literally everything from hurricaine thru earthquake so far with NO problems til TODAY!?

      THANKS again!

      Mrs. KCM

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