Mrs. KCM’s Story

Yesterday, I received this email from a Woodlake resident.  With her permission, this is her story (emphasis mine):

Please Note Regarding the School Holding building on Waring Station Road in the Woodlake Townhome residential community:

We’re ‘original’ owners as well, located directly across the street from the WOODS which might be in question!  That is the ONLY reason WHY we bought our Woodlake home too, which was built in 1981 (not ’79?!).

We’re VERY concerned about our property values plummeting even MORE from this proposal of a school holding building, than they already have due to the foreclosures in our neighborhood!  THIS could be the LAST straw for our FUTURE lives!

We’re now senior citizens who really need to move whenever possible due to the fact that we no longer can deal with the three levels of stairs here!

HOWEVER, we are VERY concerned about the resale VALUE of our home … because we always have counted on the WOODS as being our greatest asset!!!  We are an END unit so we have a gorgeous view of the woods and creatures from all our windows! We also view awesome sunsets as well as full moon illuminations of whole house and back yard too!

THIS whole situation is VERY upsetting & devastating to contemplate as lifelong residents and retired senior citizens!!

I can’t understand HOW it can possibly be LEGAL for them to NOT have NOTIFIED us, the neighborhood residents living  DIRECTLY ADJACENT to the woods, who will be highly IMPACTED FINANCIALLY as well as environmentally by their changes?!

I’m wondering if there isn’t a LAWYER living in Woodlake who might consider helping us with this situation?  We deserve compensation for any lost $ of home depreciation due to the removal of trees & views for our property values!!!

Does the realtor who helps with Woodlake events & is now running for volunteer office with Woodlake perhaps know of a good lawyer through his realty office?

Seems to me that we should call the TV News stations to see if they could help us with this, maybe on the basis of wildlife protection & refuge conservation too? PLUS the protection of the residents’ rights to infringement of home values!?

I already wrote the Board of Ed as well as called … and neither one got the courtesy of ANY response at ALL … even though the gal on the phone claimed she would pass along the message and there ‘would be call-back!’

Perhaps THIS should definitely be pointed out to the TV News stations as well as lawyers!

Thanks so much for ANY help!  I’ve already signed the petition too!

Good luck to us all!

Sincerest regards,
Mrs. KCM


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