Parents’ Coalition blogs about holding school

The Parents’ Coalition of Montgomery County blogged about the Waring Station Holding School issue here.


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One Response to Parents’ Coalition blogs about holding school

  1. Ali White says:

    It is unfathomable to me that the County will consider this site and spend $45,000 on a feasibility study when clearly the budget needs those funds in so many other areas!! This is our money they are spending! The propsed cuts to Middle Schools include OUTDOOR EDUCATION, support staff and many other programs – BUT the county still approved to spend this money for a study – so congratulations to the architectural firm for getting money from the county that the students can’t have.

    Also – why aren’t we just having re-districting discussions? There are many EMPTY SCHOOLS in the county as well as sites rented by other facilities! If the current schools are overcrowded why aren’t new boundary lines even a possibility? seems that would be a much less costly, environmentally friendly, financially feasible solution.
    THEN spend the $45,000 for UPDATES TO Seneca Valley High School!

    SVHS has not had upgrades in YEARS – BCC, Rockville High, Richard Montgomery, OH and NW were redone or built new – where are the funds for SVHS??? Ask the architects!

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