Our Wonderful Waring Station Forest

You might be wondering why we are trying so hard to save this 10-acre parcel of forest.  The Rockville Chapter of the Isaak Walton League of America describes our concerns well.  The following passage was taken from their recent letter to the Board of Education opposing the development of a holding school at this location:

“The site being considered for this Waring Station holding facility is currently largely wooded with a severe slope towards protected waters.  Being wooded, it provides a natural buffer to pollution of the Great Seneca Creek and Potomac Watersheds thereby helping to protect the Chesapeake Bay.  As the founding Chapter of the National Save Our Streams program, we are deeply concerned that the proposed construction on this site would mean the removal of ten acres of trees which act as a natural filter.  The subsequent runoff could affect those waters and result in an adverse impact on the local ecosystem.”

Join our fight to save these trees!

The new holding school should not be built here.  Let’s find a larger parcel that is less environmentally sensitive.  Or, as the Isaak Walton League so eloquently puts it:

“Considering the efforts that the County has put into its Green Initiative in recent years, we believe that proceeding with construction on this site would be in conflict with County goals to reduce impact to our environment.  We are therefore asking for you to identify other potential sites that could be used for this school that would not involve clearing wooded land or be in close proximity to a delicate watershed.”


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2 Responses to Our Wonderful Waring Station Forest

  1. Ali White says:

    Thank you Izaak Walton League for supporting our trees and all the work you do for our beautiful world

  2. KCM says:

    SAVE WOODLAKE’s TREEs & WILDLIFE .. and Home Values!!!

    Please note:
    BLUE MARKS remain on the roads .. even after lots of rainstorms as well as truck with road washer along with man with water holder on his back .. both trying to remove them …! Obviously NOT water soluable! Duh!

    Perhaps we could insist that they PAINT these blue marks with BLACK paint so that those of us who must view this destruction to our roads daily can get a little peace of mind .. by not having this impending feeling of doom for the woods every day we see these ghastly blue marks!?

    Thanks for any help to resolve this issue!

    Sincerest regards,

    Mrs. KCM

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