Mommy, please don’t let them take our woods!

I received this email yesterday from one of my neighbors:

Today, while walking through the woods with our dog, we had the most wonderful time.  There were HUGE trees that had fallen creating a natural balance beam – I took pictures and will post them! My daughter climbed this over and over again and then when she jumped off finally, she turned around and saw a big orange circle on a very large tree.  We have talked previously about the orange circles and why they were on the trees and she has already been very worried that the orange paint will hurt the trees.

So this time, she said, “They can’t take that tree, can they, Mommy? It is soo big.  Look up, it goes on and on and on.  Mommy, please don’t let them take our woods. Where will I dig for my rocks and play treasure?”

I was shocked that she was able to really get all of what is going on, so I said, “I am doing my best honey.”

And she said, “Are they going to take all of the trees with the orange circles?”

So I said, “I don’t know honey, I sure hope not.”

And she said, “What if we paint them back to brown?”  🙂

Sadly, while this is a cute story it is also very telling that my 7-year-old is so attached to these surroundings that she would try to cover up the work!!  Poor baby.  She and I walked the beautiful property today.  I cannot imagine how in the world there could be a school on this property. There are trees that must be 50-75 years old – thick in the base and so very high.  There are low deep gulleys, and high ridges – the entire area would have to be flattened and it is at least a 350 foot incline from the road!  How in the world and why?  😦



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