Background – 1989 Master Plan

Why was our neighborhood so blindsided by the proposed Waring Station Holding School?  As you can see, the 1989 Germantown Master Plan makes no mention of this as a future school site.   The 2009 Germantown Employment Sector Plan geographically excludes this area, so the 1989 plan is still valid here.

A concerned citizen has set up an entire Scribd site devoted to the proposed Waring Station Holding School.  If you want to learn more, be sure to visit her page.

Here are some of her notes:


The 1989 Master Plan for Germantown, Maryland showing recommended use for the property on Waring Station road.  It is recommended to be surplus and not developed.

This is the portion of the Germantown 1989 Master Plan that talks about future plans for Germantown schools.



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One Response to Background – 1989 Master Plan

  1. Ali White says:

    Great documentation – the 1989 Master plan map shows the site being called “waring station holding school” as and Existing SCHOOL> why? because the county built the small school there to provide day care and preschool to low income families in the Germantown community.
    If the county wants to build on this property they will have to tear down this community school that is providing a huge service to our families. If they do not tear it down there will only be 8 acres and some change to build on – not big enough according to the counties own requirements of 10 acres for a school that will hold 500 – 600 students.

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