Feasibility Study on hold?

[Update: 3/29/11:  One of my neighbors spoke with a reporter for the Gazette today who has seen an actual copy of the deed for the 9.9 acre parcel.  According to the reporter, the Board of Education does own the entire 9.9 acres.  BOE apparently leases approximately 1.3 acres of the site to the county, which in turn leases it to a small school.  This means that without the closure and removal of the small school, the BOE only has about 8.7 acres of land remaining upon which to place the holding school.]

I’ve received word that the feasibility study for the proposed Waring Station Holding School is on hold.  Why?  One of my neighbors filed an appeal with the State Board of Education, arguing that the local Montgomery County Board of Education (BOE) didn’t follow their process for site selection of new schools.

In fact, there is no record that the BOE conducted *any* site selection before choosing the Waring Station location for the new holding school.

That might explain why one of the BOE members was surprised to learn that there is currently a small school leasing the property located at 18815 Waring Station Road.  And, I’ve learned, the school is leasing the property from Montgomery County, NOT the BOE.  Isn’t that the kind of thing that should be determined prior to authorizing a $45,000 feasibility study?! [see note at top, added 3/29/11].

It appears that now a new site selection committee will convene to discuss where to place the new upcounty holding school.  The Waring Station site is still on the table as a possible location.

If you want input into where the new holding school will be located, now is an excellent time to speak up.  The folks in Craig Rice’s office – our County Council Representative for Germantown – are familiar with the situation and have been very patient in listening to our concerns.


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