No News is Not Good News

It has been nearly a month since the Montgomery County Board of Education put a hold on work at the proposed Waring Station Holding School site.  What has happened since that time?  The community would like to know.

We were told that someone in our community would be tapped to be on the new site selection committee for the upcounty holding school.  We were given the impression that within two months – another month from now – the site selection committee would be ready to make their recommendations known.

Has a new site selection committee convened?  Is this committee holding a meeting, even as I type this, to debate and consider an appropriate location for the upcounty holding school project?  I have no idea.  And neither does anyone else in our community.

Despite Board member Michael A. Durso’s admission that the Board is “going to have to work a little bit more on giving communities a little more lead time and maybe a little more input,” we are, unfortunately, seeing a pattern repeat itself: the Board of Education is keeping us in the dark.

No news from the Board of Education is not good news.  It may not be bad news.  But it definitely means that the residents of Germantown remain uninformed about the Board’s intentions. 


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One Response to No News is Not Good News

  1. kcm26 says:

    OMG! WHY does this insanity continue? PLEASE SAVE OUR TREES! Also our PROPERTY VALUES! Please save our LIFEtime investments, which already are being depleted daily due to all these FORCLOSUREs in our neighborhood, which have destroyed our property values substantially! HOW are we ever going to be able to move UP and OUT of Woodlake when ready to grow in our lives, with not enough return monies from the sale of our homes to barter with? Lives are being destroyed forever as it is without further devastation by taking our woods too!!!

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