Gazette Followup Article About Holding School

Today’s Gazette contained an article confirming that the Board of Education is expanding their search to find a suitable location to build a holding school in the upcounty.

Board member Michael A. Durso (Dist. 5) of Silver Spring was quoted as saying:

“I think we’re going to have to work a little bit more on giving communities a little more lead time and maybe a little more input,” he said. “The perception is that we sometimes rush things through and are not, to use the cliché, we’re not always transparent.” (Read the complete article here.)

Let’s hope that they pick a location that can accommodate a holding school of the necessary size.  The proposed Waring Station site was only going to house 740 students.  How will that help Matsunaga, with an elementary school population of over 1000 students?  If we’re going to spend millions during these challenging fiscal times, shouldn’t we make sure that the holding school will meet the needs of the community?  And what if that money is needed elsewhere, let’s say to rebuild Seneca Valley High school?  I hope that the public gets more input in future Montgomery County BOE decisions.


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